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George Elson

George Elson
frame George Elson

George Elson

Age 12, Queen Elizabeth's Grammar, Alford

"I have loved singing since I was 3 years old, I am learning to play the piano and I enjoy dancing.  In the summer I raised money for Mablethorpe R.N.L.I. and Heartlink at Glenfield Hospital, Leicester by sitting in a bath of custard for two hours.

I have really enjoyed the experience and hope the song raises lots of money and awareness.

I think that the Spire and the Education Centre is a great way to show remembrance towards those who died in WWII. The Spire itself is eye-catching and I am sure that lots of people will come and look at it and use the Centre to learn about the people who served aboard the planes like Lancasters, Halifaxes and Sterlings in WWII.

I feel that I would never know how bad life is in Aleppo for Wissam and Zane and the thousands of other children and we need this to stop now, we need all of the world leaders to listen and talk to each other before it is too late as they are in danger every minute of every day."

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