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Jim Dooley
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Jim Dooley

The Pilot

"Jim Dooley was the lead singer of the 70s/ 80s pop group The Dooleys. Hailed as Britain's biggest family pop group, they sold over 17 million records, appeared on Top of the Pops 21 times and made over 500 television appearances in their 25 year career.

Notable achievements include that they were the first British pop group to achieve a number one chart position in the Japanese domestic chart with their record "Wanted."(2million sales, double platinum) In 1975 they were the first British band to tour the USSR where their live album sold 2 million copies in less than a month.

Now effectively known as a "veterans campaigner," Jim was director of fundraising for the Bomber Command Association, helping them to raise the funds (£12 million) and build the Memorial in London.

Currently, Jim is helping the IBCC Charity in its campaign to build the international bomber command centre in Lincoln, with its aims of recognition, remembrance and reconciliation, the centre will have many features, honouring the sacrifice and service of 58,000 wartime RAF service people.

With the last £2 million required and still to be raised, Jim has co-written and produced the single  Tears of the World which is recorded by The Youngstars."

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