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Phoebe Hawkins

Phoebe Hawkins
frame Phoebe Hawkins

Phoebe Hawkins

Age 11, Banovallum School, Horncastle

"Music is pretty much my main hobby, I have been singing at church and in the school choir since I was 7 and have just started to learn the saxophone.  I love history and am very proud of the fact that I can name all the kings and queens of England from William the conqueror to the present day!! 

It has been an amazing experience working on the Tears of the World project, meeting so many talented people and making lots of new friends. I have learned a great deal about what these brave men from Bomber Command sacrificed many years ago and it is so important that their memories are kept alive. We had the honour of meeting some veterans from Bomber Command at our photo shoot and it was a privilege to have our photos taken with them.

I wonder why today's world leaders don't seem to learn from the mistakes of the past? Hopefully they will listen to our single and it will make them sit up and think!"

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